And the winner is...

10 days ago I started a raffle, where you could complete a SQL Workout and win a copy of Practical Oracle SQL.

The deadline was end of April UTC, so today I found the winner...

9 raffle participants had completed the workout, so I had a list in no particular order, made a small query with 9 rows ordered by DBMS_RANDOM.VALUE, and picked the first row.

The winner is:

from the Netherlands

Congratulations to you, Hildo. I'll ship a book ASAP your way!

If you didn't get to participate, the workout at the DevGym will stay open, you can take whenever you want. And of course you can get your own book copy at your favorite book pusher or Amazon.

(By the way, I am thinking that DBMS_RANDOM in my instance is psychic... Picking the winner by random in this way just happened to pick the participant with the highest score - unintendedly fair ;-)