Friday, September 27, 2013

Top selling items - revisited in 12c

April last year I blogged about TOP-N reporting using Top selling items as example. In Oracle 12c we now have a new FETCH FIRST syntax, so in this post I'll revisit the Top selling items example showing where and how FETCH FIRST can be used and where you still need to know the analytic function methods.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Active Data Guard and Invalidations

To provide data source for our datawarehouse (in a seperate MS SQL database, god help it, but that's beside the point :-), we have a setup where we have several views where the datawarehouse connection user has been granted select rights.

When we got Active Data Guard in the spring, we let the datawarehouse user connect to the standby instance to offload the quite heavy selects from the production database. But we did get a surprise concerning object invalidation in this setup...

Lars Bo Vanting, the consultant from Blue Gecko that handles most of our DBA work, has written this with a good example on the Blue Gecko blog, so I won't repeat his work. I'll just outline the problem below and refer you to his blog post for more details :-)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Half-day masterclass on Analytic Functions (I hope :-)

I've presented on Analytic Functions twice now - at ODTUG KScope12 and UKOUG 2012. Both times I've felt that an hour is not nearly enough to both teach how to use analytics as well as show use cases of how analytics can really be used for solving a lot of your daily work. Perhaps now I can get a chance to give a half-day masterclass on that topic - at least I am hoping so...