Monday, January 14, 2019

ORA-22905 when calling ODCI Table functions from PL/SQL

Back in 2015 I experimented using ODCITable* functions to dynamically parse delimited text (see blog post here.)

Now blog reader Daniel Cabanillas points out, that it raises an error when used in PL/SQL. Silly me - I had only tried it out in SQL (my favorite language) and had completely missed that it failed in PL/SQL.

Lucky for me, the classic workaround of dynamic SQL works here too 😁

Participant list for Oracle Dev Gym SQL Championship 2018

2018 is over. Throughout the year people have participated in the "Select for SQL" Tournament on Oracle Dev Gym. It's time for the Top 50 to try their skills in the Annual SQL Championship!

Everybody who tried the quizzes have hopefully had fun as well as exercised SQL skills. Maybe even learned a little :-) I hope you'll all keep working your mental muscles in 2019 as well - get your friends and colleagues to try it too! I'll do my very best to try and pass on knowledge via the quizzes.

Whether you worked out with the quizzes for fun alone or you played in the tournament as well, thank you for being there in 2018. And congratulations to the Top 50 in the "Select for SQL" Tournament on Oracle Dev Gym in 2018 for the stamina and skill displayed to be ranked sufficiently high at the end of the year to participate in the Championship.