Welcome to my blog (or at least an attempt to blog something about Oracle SQL and PL/SQL :-)

I'm Kim Berg Hansen and I work as Senior Developer at Cegal Danmark. Since the year 2000 I have programmed quite a lot of Oracle SQL, a good deal of Concorde XAL, some Oracle PL/SQL, and a smattering of all sorts of other programming languages as the various tasks have mandated.

I am OCE (Oracle Certified Expert) on Oracle SQL, and being honored to be an Oracle ACE Director as well.

I am the main author of the SQL quizzes on the Oracle Dev Gym - a website by Steven Feuerstein where you can learn and hone your PL/SQL and SQL skills by taking weekly quizzes.

I have joined the fabulous community of ODTUG and attended the Kaleidoscope (now Kscope) conference since 2010. I've presented on various topics at several Kscopes as well as other conferences.

I plan to go to KScope every year in the future if possible - I can think of no other event as great as that :-) I can recommend going to Kscope, if you can make it. I'll be there for certain.

Anyway - this blog will contain various Oracle SQL related tips, ideas and opinions. I do not promise a fixed posting schedule or even any regularity. But whenever I feel like it, there may be something new on here now and again :-)

Any scripts and snippets on this blog is for demo purposes only. You may use them at your own risk :-)

Thank you for stopping by...