Half-day masterclass on Analytic Functions (I hope :-)

I've presented on Analytic Functions twice now - at ODTUG KScope12 and UKOUG 2012. Both times I've felt that an hour is not nearly enough to both teach how to use analytics as well as show use cases of how analytics can really be used for solving a lot of your daily work. Perhaps now I can get a chance to give a half-day masterclass on that topic - at least I am hoping so...

At KScope12 I attempted to use the first 10 minutes to briefly cover basic syntax intending to use 50 minutes on the advanced use cases. Lots of questions on the basic syntax made me use almost half an hour on that, so I had to drop some of the use cases.

At UKOUG 2012 I made it an all advanced presentation - no basic syntax at all. And I made it powerpoint only as my SQL*Plus demos didn't work well at KScope. It made a much better presentation, but it also looked like only the most experienced in the audience could follow the code - the rest hopefully would download the powerpoint and understand it at their leisure.

So since then I've wanted to do both - first cover the syntax from one end to another and then use that to build up to walking through the details of the advanced use cases. Hopefully that way I could really teach how analytics can help in many applications if you just start using them and thinking in those ways to let analytics become a well-used tool in your toolkit :-)

And maybe now there is a chance for me to do that... (I hope.)

Oracle User Group Norway has a yearly spring conference on a boat cruising from Oslo to Kiel in Germany and back. They've just opened the Call for Paper for the 2014 conference and luckily would-be presenters like me can pick a presentation length and hope for the best :-)

So I have submitted to OUGN an abstract for a small masterclass (half a day) on Analytic Functions. I truly believe the topic merits (at least) a half day to be able to really teach why you cannot live without analytics if you are developing Oracle SQL...

I keep my fingers crossed hoping the abstract will be accepted :-D