Win! Win! Win! - A signed copy of Practical Oracle SQL

Here's a copy of my Practical Oracle SQL book:

You want it? Join my SQL raffle and you might win it...

If we had all been out to conferences like we used to, I'd have brought a book copy when I was presenting and given the audience a chance to win one. Alas, corona virus has put a temporary end to such activities.

Instead we're doing virtual conferences and webinars. I did one myself last week talking about the SQL examples from some of the book chapters. If you missed it, a recording can be found at ProHuddle.

You all also know that I've been making SQL quizzes at the Oracle DevGym for years. I found some of my quizzes that deals with some of the same topics that I talked about in the webinar. With these quizzes I created a workout - a set of 5 quizzes on topics like recursive subquery factoring, PL/SQL in the WITH clause, analytic functions and row pattern matching.

I'm going to put up the book copy above as prize for a raffle on the following terms:

  • Entry to the raffle by taking the workout at this URL:
  • Eligible to win is anybody who completes the workout by the end of this month - i.e. before Friday May 1st at Midnight GMT.
  • Your score does not influence your chances - the book is awarded by random choice of those who completed the workout.
  • Do not simply click next-next-next and skip answering the quizzes in the workout - this counts as cheating and makes you ineligible to win.
  • Do not take the workout multiple times with multiple accounts to further your chances - this counts as cheating and makes you ineligible to win.
  • Complete the workout fair and square and only once, learn from the SQL, and you might be the lucky winner.
  • After the deadline, I will randomly pick one person from the eligible workout completions as winner. I will contact the winner by email and get a physical address to ship the book to.
  • Winner will be published here on this blog.

Now go workout your little grey cells on some SQL quizzes...