"Practical Oracle SQL" ... LIVE!

Like most of us, you probably can't go out to the pub for a beer at the moment.
I can't offer a beer to you, but I can offer a free webinar about SQL where there'll be beer data 🍺.

It'll go live Thursday April 16th 2020 at 20:00 (8 PM) CEST (GMT+2).

You can sign up here (did I mention it's free?):


So why would you spend the time (probably an hour or maybe two) listening to this webinar?
Here's some details:

Speaker: Me.

Audience: You (from home).

Topic: Practical Oracle SQL.

What's that, you say? I'm just going to talk about a book?

Well, fear not, I am definitely going to talk about some Oracle SQL stuff.
Almost all of the book is about SQL used for practical purposes exemplified by a fictive beer trading company, and on Thursday I will walk through and explain some of the code from some of the chapters of the book:

  • Tree Calculations with Recursion.
    (Recursive subquery factoring.)
  • Functions Defined Within SQL.
    (Functions in the WITH clause.)
  • Answering Top-N Questions.
    (Analytic Ranking Functions.)
  • Rolling Sums to Forecast Reaching Minimums.
    (Analytic window clause, recursive subquery factoring, model clause.)
  • Merging Date Ranges.
    (Row pattern matching MATCH_RECOGNIZE.)
So now you know what I'll be talking about - most of the time with SQL Developer and just a little Powerpoint.

So you should attend the webinar if:

  • You use SQL and would like to see what modern SQL can offer to make solving your daily tasks easier and your code run more efficient.
  • You're curious about the Practical Oracle SQL book and just would like to see something from it to figure out if the book is relevant for you or not.
  • You're really bored and just hanging out and listening to a Danish accent beats whatever entertainment is aired on your local TV station.
To save you from scrolling back up, here's the link again:


Looking forward to virtually meet you all on Thursday.