Nice evening in Nieuwegein

Thursday I went for a quick trip to Nieuwegein for the Amis KScope Preview. Nice evening :-)

After a train to Copenhagen and a plane to Amsterdam, I checked in at the CitizenM hotel at Shiphol airport. A bit different hotel - toilet and shower in big glass tubes in the room - but actually fairly nice for a single traveller.

Patrick Barel was kind enough to pick me up, so getting to the Amis offices was easy. Patrick was also the first presentation in the database track, a nice walkthrough of table functions. Then dinner with french fries and sausages on the terrace in the nice warm evening air.

Right after dinner I did my presentation on Analytic Functions - presentation and scripts can be found here. It went reasonably well - only 5 minutes overtime and OK evaluations, so it was a good rehearsal for me. I now know where I can tighten up the presentation for Seattle, and I know I can profitably buy a wireless presenter - that just makes it easier ;-)

Third presentation in the database track was Alex Nuijten who played Sherlock Holmes tracking down some bad performance and finding at the end that when the impossible has been eliminated, the improbable must be correct - the Java developers made the mistake, not Oracle ;-)

All in all a very nice evening - thank you to Amis and Patrick for inviting me :-)