KScope14 - on my way home

For some reasons I got lounge access here at Seattle airport when going home fra KScope14. So I can use the last couple hours here lounging comfortably writing a few words about an awesome week here.

This was my fifth consecutive KScope and I plan to go every year. That is one awesome konference for developers and it just gets better every year. I'll be at KScope15 in Florida for sure! I had a great time in Seattle, met great people, had great discussions, heard great presentations, had a great party, and in general had a blast :-D

I presented twice this year and I think they both went reasonably well. I didn't go overtime in either and there was a good attentive audience. Particularly my second presentation I was worried how many would turn up, as I was in the same timeslot as Jonathan Lewis - but I got a good attendance as well. I think the quality of the attendees is also great at KScope - people are not just sheep following the leader but actually picking presentations they care about listening to.

The slides for both presentations can be downloaded either at the KScope14 website or you can find them at these two links: Analytic functions and External data. The first link also includes the script files for the two analytic function cases I talked about.

At my presentaion on External data, there was a question concerning making SFTP calls. I thought that Tim Halls FTP package could do it, but I turned out to be wrong. This AskTom thread discusses why it isn't as simple as HTTPS and suggests that if you really really need it, a solution can be to load SFTP Java packages into the database. I found a couple of recipes for doing this at a blog here and another blog here. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems the Java method has been used successfully before ;-)

Anyway - see y'all at the beach next year :-D