SQL Book Club - Any recommendations?

I got a note from Steven Feuerstein the other day about a group of developers in Stockholm starting an SQL Book Club. What a great idea :-) Anyway, they had asked Steven if he had any recommendations for good books on Advanced SQL. And Steven asked me the same question...

And now I'm asking the blog readers: Do you have any favorite books on writing Advanced SQL you can recommend to this new SQL Book Club?

Expert One-on-One Oracle Cover ImagePersonally I might not be the best to ask, as I very often just get my knowledge from the manuals, augmented by searching blogs for better examples, and attending conferences like ODTUG Kscope where you can learn from masters...

But when I started developing in Oracle SQL, I did one smart thing: bought Expert One-on-One Oracle by Tom Kyte. That was my first bible on Oracle and I still use it once in a while. But it may not necessarily fit the book club desire for books on "writing advanced SQL."

Pro Oracle SQL Cover Image

I have not yet had the pleasure myself to read Pro Oracle SQL by Karen Morton and a bunch of other experts. But I have met several that highly recommend it, and based on the table of contents, this book contains exactly those topics I myself would have included in a book on advanced SQL (if I had written one :-) I am pretty sure that would be a very good one for the book club to read.

Anyone else? What do you read in bed when you want to learn Advanced SQL? ;-) Help the SQL Book Club set up their reading list so they'll become better developers as they go through the list...


  1. (From James Su)

    This is a good SQL book:

    SQL Cookbook
    Query Solutions and Techniques for Database Developers
    By Anthony Molinaro
    Publisher: O'Reilly Media
    Released: December 2005
    Pages: 636

  2. It's not just sql, it's pl/sql, but I'd recommend this book:
    Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals
    By Lex de Haan , Toon Koppelaars

    Especially chapter 11: Implementing Database Designs in Oracle
    This chapter is essential to know how to enforce complex constraints using triggers.

  3. Hello All,
    Joe Celko is a known "SQL guru", just like Kim :) :)
    He has several interesting SQL books, like for example "SQL For Smarties", which I think is
    at the 4th edition, though he does not focus specifically (or at least not always) on the
    Oracle SQL "flavor" only .

    I would be very grateful if somebody could recommend a good book focused specifically on
    the usage of the XML functions (and also the XML packages) in SQL and PL/SQL,
    starting from a beginner level (like mine) and going gradually further to more advanced levels
    and SQL tricks where these functions can be used, besides their proper XML purpose.
    I guess that the Oracle XML documentation, though very good, does however assume
    too much prior XML knowledge even for starting.

    Thanks a lot & Best Regards,

  4. Ah, yes, ... and something more that I wanted to say:

    Excellent idea, Kim, to write an Advanced SQL book :):)

    I already sign in for it, even if I don't have any chance to belong to a club ...

    Go on and adopt this idea, for the benefit of all of us :) :)

    Best Regards,

    1. Nice to know I'm certain of at least one sold book if I ever write one :-)

      I might do it one of these years, but I'd have to rethink it a bit. The one I had in mind would be too much like "Pro Oracle SQL" :-)


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