See you all in Seattle

In June 2014 I hope to see a whole lot of you at ODTUG's awesome conference Kscope14...

You will not regret going to Kscope14. There is a ton of great content and loads of awesome brainpower to pick ;-) And if you can find the time for it in between all the great stuff, you might consider attending one of my two presentations:
  • Analytic Functions - Advanced Cases
Analytic functions can often help you using data across rows in ways that allow you to solve tasks that otherwise might have called for slowly using the data one row at a time procedurally. The presentation explains a set of advanced usecases of analytic functions showing use of RANK, DENSE_RANK, ROW_NUMBER, RATIO_TO_REPORT, LAG, REGR_SLOPE, ROWS BETWEEN, and more to efficiently solve actual real life tasks, such as top selling items, picking by FIFO, picking route, forecast sales, and more.
  • External Data via HTTP, FTP, Webservices
There are many ways you can access external data from within the Oracle database. The presentation will show ways of using HttpUriType, UTL_HTTP, JPUB, UTL_FTP, UTL_DBWS, APEX_WEB_SERVICE to retrieve external data. Calling SOAP or REST webservices or proprietary formats over http or https (SSL) or FTP will be discussed and shown. There will be demos of some of the method combinations - how many will depend on time available ;-)


  1. Is there a sample code to consume RESTFUL webservice using UTL_DBWS?

  2. I'm working now on my samples for the presentation, Nagadeep ;-) I'll share the entire thing when done and probably turn some of it into separate blog posts.

    But specifically what you ask - well, I think UTL_DBWS is for SOAP webservice. As far as I can tell I do not see much point in trying to force UTL_DBWS to do REST?

    I mean - SOAP is the "heavy" webservice that needs a more complex protocol setup, and that is what UTL_DBWS helps you do. REST is typically more "lightweight" with little or no protocol, most often you just need the URL and get some XML or JSON or something in return. For REST I use HttpUriType or (if SSL is needed, for example) UTL_HTTP.

    Actually, my post on using HttpUriType to call Google Maps is in a way an example of how I most often would call a REST webservice.

  3. Oh, and another nice method is the package APEX_WEB_SERVICE. Haven't used it much myself yet, but I think that may be the way to go in the future.

    Here's the documentation with an example of how to use that to call a REST webservice:


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