Half a Thousand Quizzes

Passed a minor milestone 😁

  • Sign in to https://devgym.oracle.com/

  • Go to Quizzes

  • Go to Explore All Quizzes

  • Scroll down to Author filters

  • Put a checkmark at Kim Berg Hansen

  • Result:

(In fact, as you read this, the number will already have increased - it grows steadily πŸ˜‰.)

In case you don't spot the discretely marked-in-yellow parts of the image, that's 500 quizzes I've produced since I started to write quizzes for "The PL/SQL Challenge", which was the original name of the Oracle Dev Gym. Half a Thousand Quizzes....!

Writing Dev Gym quizzes has been an awesome and fun way for me to teach SQL (and some PL/SQL as well). I've written quizzes both at beginner level and at the very-advanced level for championships and everything in between, so everybody can learn from these.

Thanks to Steven Feuerstein for the initial idea - this is a great learning platform. And even quiz authors learn - it's quite often I learn new quirks and/or features while writing a quiz, both simply by browsing the docs for a new topic to write about, as well as (in fact more often) stumbling over something unknown to me while I try and create incorrect choices (it is often harder to write convincing incorrect choices than it is to write correct choices.)

  • You want to improve your SQL or PL/SQL knowledge?

  • Go to https://devgym.oracle.com/

  • You can do workouts, play weekly tournament, or just do random quizzes.

  • Your starting point doesn't matter - it's very likely you'll stumble on new knowledge for you.

  • It's fun and you can spend as little or as much time as you want.
The more people that get to love really using SQL to the fullest, the happier I am πŸ˜€.
The happier I am, the higher the chance of me continuing to write quizzes πŸ˜‡.

Link to all my quizzes:


  1. Hello Kim,

    Thanks a lot, times and again, for each and every SQL and PL/SQL masterpiece that each of your quizzes represents.
    Reading your explanations for both the correct and incorrect choices is the best school that any Oracle developer
    can wish to attend.
    Yes, it is definitely possible to come and love SQL more and more through your quizzes, and, if this also makes you happy, then the benefit is on both sides :)
    Keep up with your excellent work, up to 1000 quizzes and even more, the future is waiting for you :)
    And we also, as long as we just can do it :)

    Cheers & Best Regards,
    Iudith Mentzel


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