Oracle Groundbreakers Tour Nordic 2019

In 4 weeks my first Oracle Groundbreakers Tour as ACE Director will begin. 4 Nordic capitals in 4 days, speaking about my favorite topic - SQL. SQL is as important as ever to work with data - even (or maybe especially) in this cloud era, where you can spin up, develop and deploy databases and apps without needing anything but a browser.

Our group of ACE Directors will give presentations at these events:

I'll be giving two talks each of the 4 days:

  • MATCH_RECOGNIZE - All-round Tool for Cloud and On-Prem Development
    I'll give several use cases of MATCH_RECOGNIZE being more all-round useful than just for pattern matching. These are cases where you might not at first think that the solution had anything to do with data patterns - even so MATCH_RECOGNIZE is a powerful tool for solving these.
  • Twisting Data in Cloud and On-Prem SQL
    All about twisting data around within SQL statements. I'll cover unpivoting and pivoting techniques, as well as methods for both splitting and creating delimited strings.
Read more details on the two talks on the OGB Nordic page.

I'm looking forward to some busy days talking SQL - it'll be great to meet you out there!