My Kscope19

A little later than many post-Kscope19 blog posts (because the wife and I just had a nice relaxing vacation week right after I returned from Kscope ;-), but better late than never. A few thoughts, but for once not a lot of writing - most of this post is a video...

Kscope19 in Seattle was my 10th Kscope (all consecutive) and I had a blast as usual. Loads of great content and great fun, meeting and chatting with both old and new friends, as well as presenting and doing other stuff too. The week was packed, so I've put together a video that compresses practically everything I did from I left home until I returned into 10½ minutes. If you've plenty of spare time and you're interested in how much can be crammed into a week, maybe you'll take a look ;-)

One thing I forgot to mention in the video was something I'm very proud of:

I do not consider myself a natural speaker and I do not think I'll ever reach the level of many of the awesome speakers that I see and meet at conferences. But for a technically minded audience (read: nerds like myself) I think that I can give them some knowledge that'll help them in their work.

At Kscope19 the audience seemed to have been sufficiently nerdy so that they liked my presentation and gave me a high score on the evaluation form. I wish I could personally thank everyone present for their great evaluation. I treasure this Best Speaker award and will do my very best to live up to this in future presentations.

Thank you ODTUG and the Oracle ACE Program and everybody I met (too many to mention) for making my Kscope19 one of the very best Kscopes I've attended!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at Kscope20 in Boston and Kscope21 in Nashville. You can start thinking about what abstracts you are going to submit, as I'll be serving as Track Lead for the Database track for those two conferences.

See you around :-D


  1. Many congratulations, once again, for one of the best "SQL Nerds" since Tom Kyte days :)


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