Results of the Dev Gym SQL Championship for 2018

All the after-play checking of the results of Oracle SQL Annual Championship for 2018 is done. The awards have now been processed, and it is with great pleasure I can publish the results here to serve as an inspiration for you to trying out your own SQL knowledge at the Dev Gym.

Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

1st Place: Stelios Vlasopoulos

2nd Place: Köteles Zsolt of Hungary

3rd Place: Andrey Zaytsev of Russia

Next, congratulations to everyone who played in the championship. We hope you found it entertaining, challenging and educational. And for those who were not able to participate in the championship, you can take the quizzes through the Practice feature. We will also make the championship as a whole available as a Test, so you can take it just like these players did.

Finally, many thanks to our reviewers, especially Elic, who has once again performed an invaluable service to our community.

The number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a championship. Below the table of results for this championship, you will find another list showing the championship history of each of these players.

RankNameTotal Time% CorrectTotal Score
1Stelios Vlasopoulos (6)51 m91%5793
2Köteles Zsolt (1)58 m91%5764
3Andrey Zaytsev (5)34 m89%5713
4mentzel.iudith (6)56 m89%5624
5NielsHecker (6)58 m84%5315
6Rimantas Adomauskas (4)52 m82%5191
7Sartograph (3)59 m82%5163
8seanm95 (6)31 m80%5126
9mcelaya (3)45 m80%5069
10Karel_Prech (4)47 m77%4909
11li_bao (6)23 m75%4854
12JustinCave (6)31 m75%4825
13Ludovic Szewczyk (2)44 m75%4774
14Ivan Blanarik (6)25 m73%4698
15NickL (3)54 m73%4583
16Maxim Borunov (5)56 m73%4575
17Sandra99 (5)51 m70%4444
18MarkusId (1)58 m70%4417
19Talebian (4)19 m66%4272
20PZOL (4)36 m66%4203
21swesley_perth (5)19 m64%4123
22Aleksei Davletiarov (4)35 m64%4056
23Mike Tessier (3)48 m64%4005
24richdellheim (3)50 m61%3846
25Sachi (5)14 m59%3842
26msonkoly (2)47 m59%3709
27Chase Mei (6)13 m57%3697
28Hertha Rettinger (5)20 m57%3668
29Michal P. (4)30 m57%3627
30Henry_A (5)08 m55%3568
31Vijay Mahawar (1)51 m50%3095 (2)18 m43%2775

Championship Performance History

After each name, the quarter in which he or she played, and the ranking in that championship.

Stelios Vlasopoulos2013:26th, 2014:7th, 2015:2nd, 2016:1st, 2017:34th, 2018:1st
Köteles Zsolt2018:2nd
Andrey Zaytsev2014:1st, 2016:6th, 2017:3rd, 2018:3rd
mentzel.iudith2013:4th, 2014:20th, 2015:5th, 2016:8th, 2017:1st, 2018:4th
NielsHecker2013:6th, 2014:4th, 2015:14th, 2016:10th, 2017:5th, 2018:5th
Rimantas Adomauskas2013:15th, 2016:14th, 2017:19th, 2018:6th
Sartograph2015:20th, 2017:7th, 2018:7th
seanm952013:29th, 2014:15th, 2015:8th, 2016:5th, 2017:20th, 2018:8th
mcelaya2016:32nd, 2017:15th, 2018:9th
Karel_Prech2015:37th, 2016:17th, 2017:33rd, 2018:10th
li_bao2013:37th, 2017:13th, 2018:11th
JustinCave2013:16th, 2014:12th, 2015:3rd, 2017:6th, 2018:12th
Ludovic Szewczyk2018:13th
Ivan Blanarik2013:14th, 2014:11th, 2016:11th, 2017:23rd, 2018:14th
NickL2015:7th, 2017:21st, 2018:15th
Maxim Borunov2015:4th, 2016:26th, 2017:12th, 2018:16th
Sandra992014:24th, 2015:18th, 2016:19th, 2017:17th, 2018:17th
Talebian2015:35th, 2018:19th
PZOL2015:28th, 2018:20th
swesley_perth2013:11th, 2014:9th, 2016:18th, 2017:26th, 2018:21st
Aleksei Davletiarov2016:7th, 2017:4th, 2018:22nd
Mike Tessier2016:23rd, 2017:31st, 2018:23rd
richdellheim2015:29th, 2017:16th, 2018:24th
Sachi2013:8th, 2014:39th, 2015:16th, 2016:29th, 2018:25th
msonkoly2017:25th, 2018:26th
Chase Mei2013:10th, 2014:32nd, 2015:13th, 2016:12th, 2017:8th, 2018:27th
Hertha Rettinger2013:35th, 2014:34th, 2016:27th, 2017:14th, 2018:28th
Michal P.2015:33rd, 2016:22nd, 2017:32nd, 2018:29th
Henry_A2015:15th, 2016:30th, 2017:28th, 2018:30th
Vijay Mahawar2018:31st
whab@tele2.at2017:35th, 2018:32nd