Announcing the results of the Oracle Dev Gym SQL Championship for 2017

A huge round of applause to the top players in the championship:

1st Place: mentzel.iudith of Israel

2nd Place: Pavel Zeman of Czech Republic

3rd Place: Andrey Zaytsev of Russia

Especially noteworthy is the accomplishment of Iudith Mentzel, who also won the DB Design Championship and has been a very regular Dev Gym participant for years. Congratulations, Iudith!

Also congratulations to everyone who played in the championship - it's quite an accomplishment to have performed steadily for an entire year of quizzes to get to be in the championship.

And a big big big thank you to reviewer Elic, without whom this would have been an impossible task.

Championship 2017 Results

You will find below the rankings for the Oracle SQL Annual Championship for 2017. The number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a championship. Below the table of results for this championship, you will find another list showing the championship history of each of these players.

Rank Name Country Total Time % Correct Total Score
1mentzel.iudith (5)Israel44 m86%5371
2Pavel Zeman (4)Czech Republic44 m84%5222
3Andrey Zaytsev (4)Russia39 m79%4941
4Aleksei Davletiarov (3)Russia44 m79%4923
5NielsHecker (5)Germany44 m79%4922
6JustinCave (5)United States35 m77%4809
7Sartograph (2)Germany44 m77%4772
8Chase Mei (5)Canada24 m74%4703
9Chad Lee (5)United States30 m74%4677
10Rytis Budreika (5)Lithuania06 m72%4625
11Tony Winn (3)Australia24 m72%4552
12Maxim Borunov (4)Russia34 m72%4513
13li_bao (5)Russia22 m70%4411
14Hertha Rettinger (4)Germany32 m70%4372
15mcelaya (2)Spain41 m70%4335
16richdellheim (2)United States42 m67%4180
17Sandra99 (4)Italy21 m65%4115
18Andrii Dorofeiev (4)No Country Set19 m63%3971
19Rimantas Adomauskas (3)Lithuania21 m63%3964
20seanm95 (5)United States24 m60%3800
21NickL (2)United Kingdom35 m60%3759
22Eric Levin (5)United States16 m58%3682
23Ivan Blanarik (5)Slovakia30 m58%3626
24Kias (1)No Country Set34 m58%3613
25msonkoly (1)Hungary44 m58%3571
26swesley_perth (4)Australia15 m56%3539
27berkeso (3)Hungary08 m53%3415
28Henry_A (4)Czech Republic12 m53%3399
29VictorD (4)Russia16 m53%3385
30Narendra Reddy (2)India18 m53%3375
31Mike Tessier (2)Canada27 m53%3342
32Michal P. (3)Poland42 m53%3279
33Karel_Prech (3)No Country Set36 m51%3155
34Stelios Vlasopoulos (5)No Country Set44 m51%3122 (1)Austria25 m47%2897
37Mehrab (3)United Kingdom04 m9%582

Championship Performance History

After each name, the quarter in which he or she played, and the ranking in that championship.
Name History
mentzel.iudith2013:4th, 2014:20th, 2015:5th, 2016:8th, 2017:1st
Pavel Zeman2014:2nd, 2015:1st, 2016:2nd, 2017:2nd
Andrey Zaytsev2014:1st, 2016:6th, 2017:3rd
Aleksei Davletiarov2016:7th, 2017:4th
NielsHecker2013:6th, 2014:4th, 2015:14th, 2016:10th, 2017:5th
JustinCave2013:16th, 2014:12th, 2015:3rd, 2017:6th
Sartograph2015:20th, 2017:7th
Chase Mei2013:10th, 2014:32nd, 2015:13th, 2016:12th, 2017:8th
Chad Lee2013:30th, 2014:3rd, 2015:19th, 2016:3rd, 2017:9th
Rytis Budreika2013:21st, 2014:8th, 2015:32nd, 2017:10th
Tony Winn2013:3rd, 2016:9th, 2017:11th
Maxim Borunov2015:4th, 2016:26th, 2017:12th
li_bao2013:37th, 2017:13th
Hertha Rettinger2013:35th, 2014:34th, 2016:27th, 2017:14th
mcelaya2016:32nd, 2017:15th
richdellheim2015:29th, 2017:16th
Sandra992014:24th, 2015:18th, 2016:19th, 2017:17th
Andrii Dorofeiev2014:23rd, 2015:31st, 2016:31st, 2017:18th
Rimantas Adomauskas2013:15th, 2016:14th, 2017:19th
seanm952013:29th, 2014:15th, 2015:8th, 2016:5th, 2017:20th
NickL2015:7th, 2017:21st
Eric Levin2013:18th, 2014:21st, 2015:17th, 2016:34th, 2017:22nd
Ivan Blanarik2013:14th, 2014:11th, 2016:11th, 2017:23rd
swesley_perth2013:11th, 2014:9th, 2016:18th, 2017:26th
berkeso2015:22nd, 2016:21st, 2017:27th
Henry_A2015:15th, 2016:30th, 2017:28th
VictorD2014:36th, 2015:39th, 2017:29th
Narendra Reddy2014:38th, 2017:30th
Mike Tessier2016:23rd, 2017:31st
Michal P.2015:33rd, 2016:22nd, 2017:32nd
Karel_Prech2015:37th, 2016:17th, 2017:33rd
Stelios Vlasopoulos2013:26th, 2014:7th, 2015:2nd, 2016:1st, 2017:34th
Mehrab2014:35th, 2015:24th, 2017:37th