Announcing participants in Oracle Dev Gym SQL Championship 2017

Another year, another Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship. Woohoo!

Players have exercised their mental muscles with the SQL puzzles throughout 2017. Congratulations to everybody digging in all year, trying to figure out the pretzelbenders of me and other quiz authors. And hopefully you've learned something as well, improving your SQL skills.

And a very special congratulations to the Top 50 in the "Select for SQL" Tournament in Oracle Dev Gym in 2017. It takes an effort solving the quizzes succesfully every week to be ranked high at the end of the year.

The Top 50 players are listed here and will be invited to participate in the Oracle SQL Annual Championship for 2017. (I'll just have to write some tough quizzes first.)

The number in parentheses after their names are the number of championships in which they have already participated. Amazing that some have made the championships all the years since the first in 2013.

Name Rank Country
Stelios Vlasopoulos (4)1 No Country Set
Pavel Zeman (3)2 Czech Republic
mentzel.iudith (4)3 Israel
James Su (4)4 Canada
Andrey Zaytsev (3)5 Russia
NielsHecker (4)6 Germany
Tony Winn (2)7 Australia
Chad Lee (4)8 United States
Chase Mei (4)9 Canada
seanm95 (4)10 United States
li_bao (4)11 Russia
Vyacheslav Stepanov (4)12 No Country Set
Maxim Borunov (3)13 Russia
Ludovic Szewczyk (0)14 No Country Set
Sandra99 (3)15 Italy
JustinCave (4)16 United States
Rimantas Adomauskas (2)17 Lithuania
_tiki_4_ (4)18 Germany
Michal P. (2)19 Poland
HSteijntjes (1)20 Netherlands
Henry_A (3)21 Czech Republic
Talebian (2)22 Netherlands
tonyC (3)23 United Kingdom
Rytis Budreika (4)24 Lithuania
Rakesh Dadhich (4)25 India
Eric Levin (4)26 United States
mcelaya (1)27 Spain
richdellheim (1)28 United States
swesley_perth (3)29 Australia
Mike Tessier (1)30 Canada
berkeso (2)31 Hungary
Hertha Rettinger (3)32 Germany
Sartograph (1)33 Germany
Kias (0)34 No Country Set
ivan_blanarik (4)35 Slovakia
USER59562 (0)36 No Country Set
Narendra Reddy (1)37 India
msonkoly (0)38 Hungary
NickL (1)39 United Kingdom
PZOL (2)40 Hungary
Andrii Dorofeiev (3)41 No Country Set (0)42 Austria
Karel_Prech (2)43 No Country Set
Yann Querrec (0)44 No Country Set
Aleksei Davletiarov (2)45 Russia
JeroenR (2)46 Netherlands
VictorD (3)47 Russia
MarkM. (1)48 Germany
Mehrab (2)49 United Kingdom
syukhno (1)50 Ukraine

Go on over to the Oracle Dev Gym at and work out your own SQL skills. If you like to compete, you can be in the tournament and try out for next years championship. It not, you can just do it for fun or browse the library of quizzes of the past years learning stuff you might not have seen before. SQL, PL/SQL, Database Design and Logic - all topics you can become better at by visiting Oracle Dev Gym.

See you at the gym!


  1. When does the championship start each year? Thanks

    1. Hi, Paul

      Players compete every week on and accumulate their scores throughout the year. At the end of the calendar year the 50 players that have accumulated the highest total scores of the year become eligible to play in the championship. Typically we quiz authors will have the championship quizzes ready to play in late February / early March. After the championship the quizzes become available to everybody to play for fun.

      So when 2018 is over, we'll tally the scores for everybody that played weekly quizzes during 2018 and invite the 50 highest scores to participate in the championship - probably in February or March. If you've played on the Dev Gym regularly in 2018, you've got a chance (you can see your current ranking on the site and see if you're near the top 50.)

      If you haven't yet played on the Dev Gym, I'm afraid you can't gather enough score in the weeks that are left in 2018 to get to become a championship participant - but that shouldn't deter you from starting to play the quizzes. Both for fun, for learning, and for the chance to accumulate points throughout 2019 to qualify for the championship that'll take place in 2020. (There will be some changes in the tournament in 2019 - that'll be announced on the Dev Gym site sometime in the future.)

      Have fun with the quizzes.



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