Results of Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship for 2016

March 29th 2017 a group of 35 database developers competed in the Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship for the top ranked players of 2016. They worked their little grey cells hard for 45 minutes over 5 quizzes that I had tried to make extra hard for them.

The results have now been made public on the Oracle Dev Gym site, so I'd like here to add my congratulations to everyone who made it to the championship and especially to those who tops the results list.

Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

I am very impressed by an amazing 100% correct score by Stelios Vlasopoulos. That's the first time a player has gotten 100% correct in a championship with my quizzes - I really do try to make them extra hard, but obviously not so hard that it is (quite) impossible to solve them. Thanks, Stelios, for proving it possible ;-)

Hopefully the participants of the championship found the quizzes entertaining, challenging and educational. And for those who were not able to participate in the championship, you can take the quizzes yourself and see if you can match Stelios.

Thank you to every player who keeps on playing my SQL quizzes - I hope you all find them fun and that you maybe learn a little too. And a great big thank you to Vitaliy Lyanchevskiy (Elic) for tirelessly reviewing my quizzes and finding all my errors - wouldn't be possible without him.

I'll try to keep the quizzes coming in 2017, if you'll keep playing them.

Championship 2016 Results

You will find below the rankings for the Oracle SQL Annual Championship for 2016. The number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a championship. Below the table of results for this championship, you will find another list showing the championship history of each of these players.

RankNameCountryTotal Time% CorrectTotal Score
1Stelios Vlasopoulos (4)No Country Set31 m100%6925
2Pavel Zeman (3)Czech Republic24 m91%6350
3Chad Lee (4)United States35 m89%6158
4TZ (2)Lithuania21 m87%6065
5seanm95 (4)United States31 m83%5726
6Andrey Zaytsev (3)Russia32 m83%5720
7Aleksei Davletiarov (2)Russia34 m83%5710
8mentzel.iudith (4)Israel42 m83%5681
9Tony Winn (2)Australia33 m81%5566
10NielsHecker (4)Germany39 m81%5542
11ivan_blanarik (4)Slovakia40 m81%5537
12Chase (4)Canada29 m77%5283
13krzysioh (4)Poland32 m77%5270
14Rimantas Adomauskas (2)Lithuania28 m74%5136
15Pavel_Noga (3)Czech Republic43 m74%5074
16Vyacheslav Stepanov (4)No Country Set13 m70%4898
17Karel_Prech (2)No Country Set39 m70%4793
18swesley_perth (3)Australia16 m68%4732
19Sandra99 (3)Italy31 m68%4675
20_tiki_4_ (4)Germany20 m66%4568
21berkeso (2)Hungary20 m66%4567
22Michal P. (2)Poland30 m66%4529
23Mike Tessier (1)Canada30 m64%4378
24JasonC (2)United Kingdom38 m64%4347
25MarkM. (1)Germany38 m64%4345
26Maxim Borunov (3)Russia43 m64%4328
27Hertha Rettinger (3)Germany23 m62%4256
28AnnaO (4)Ireland13 m60%4145
29Sachi (4)India15 m60%4139
30Henry_A (3)Czech Republic15 m60%4138
31Andrii Dorofeiev (3)Ukraine32 m60%4070
32mcelaya (1)Spain42 m60%4031
33tonyC (3)United Kingdom36 m57%3906
34Eric Levin (4)United States30 m55%3778
35Marek Sobierajski (2)Poland22 m47%3211

Championship Performance History

After each name, the quarter in which he or she played, and the ranking in that championship.

Stelios Vlasopoulos2013:26th, 2014:7th, 2015:2nd, 2016:1st
Pavel Zeman2014:2nd, 2015:1st, 2016:2nd
Chad Lee2013:30th, 2014:3rd, 2015:19th, 2016:3rd
TZ2015:36th, 2016:4th
seanm952013:29th, 2014:15th, 2015:8th, 2016:5th
Andrey Zaytsev2014:1st, 2016:6th
Aleksei Davletiarov2016:7th
mentzel.iudith2013:4th, 2014:20th, 2015:5th, 2016:8th
Tony Winn2013:3rd, 2016:9th
NielsHecker2013:6th, 2014:4th, 2015:14th, 2016:10th
ivan_blanarik2013:14th, 2014:11th, 2016:11th
Chase2013:10th, 2014:32nd, 2015:13th, 2016:12th
krzysioh2013:24th, 2014:38th, 2015:9th, 2016:13th
Rimantas Adomauskas2013:15th, 2016:14th
Pavel_Noga2014:30th, 2015:11th, 2016:15th
Vyacheslav Stepanov2013:20th, 2014:22nd, 2016:16th
Karel_Prech2015:37th, 2016:17th
swesley_perth2013:11th, 2014:9th, 2016:18th
Sandra992014:24th, 2015:18th, 2016:19th
_tiki_4_2014:27th, 2016:20th
berkeso2015:22nd, 2016:21st
Michal P.2015:33rd, 2016:22nd
Mike Tessier2016:23rd
Maxim Borunov2015:4th, 2016:26th
Hertha Rettinger2013:35th, 2014:34th, 2016:27th
AnnaO2013:27th, 2014:13th, 2015:30th, 2016:28th
Sachi2013:8th, 2014:40th, 2015:16th, 2016:29th
Henry_A2015:15th, 2016:30th
Andrii Dorofeiev2014:23rd, 2015:31st, 2016:31st
tonyC2014:26th, 2015:34th, 2016:33rd
Eric Levin2013:18th, 2014:21st, 2015:17th, 2016:34th
Marek Sobierajski2015:21st, 2016:35th


  1. Hello Kim,

    Your endless creativity in creating amazing quizzes proves itself times and again :)

    Chapeau, and no more words :)

    Looks like the Playoff should adopt the rules of American president elections
    - those who already won twice, cannot candidate any more ...

    Keep up with you excellent work, you are born for explaining things
    and teaching others :)

    Best Regards,

    1. Thank you, Iudith

      I just have fun and hope others do too :-)



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