Announcing the SQL Annual Championship for 2016

I've been making SQL quizzes for years now over at the Oracle Dev Gym (or PL/SQL Challenge as it started out as.) Every year I really have to work my few braincells hard when it is time for the annual championships. The players that have made it through at year and managed to rank in the top are awesome at SQL, so I have to write some really hard quizzes for the championship.

But it is fun for me as well as hopefully fun for the dedicated and hard-thinking players of the championship. And it is a pleasure for me to announce the participants of the this coming championship of those who have reached the top ranks of 2016:

The following players will be invited to participate in the Oracle SQL Annual Championship for 2016, currently scheduled to take place on 29 March.
The number in parentheses after their names are the number of championships in which they have already participated.
Congratulations to all listed below on their accomplishment and best of luck in the upcoming competition!

Name Rank Qualification Country
SteliosVlasopoulos (3)1Top 50Belgium
Pavel Zeman (2)2Top 50Czech Republic
James Su (3)3Top 50Canada
mentzel.iudith (3)4Top 50Israel
Andrey Zaytsev (2)5Top 50Russia
Vyacheslav Stepanov (3)6Top 50No Country Set
NielsHecker (3)7Top 50Germany
Chase (3)8Top 50Canada
Marek Sobierajski (1)9Top 50Poland
seanm95 (3)10Top 50United States
Rytis Budreika (3)11Top 50Lithuania
li_bao (3)12Top 50Russia
Pavel_Noga (2)13Top 50Czech Republic
Kuvardin Evgeniy (3)14Top 50Russia
tonyC (2)15Top 50United Kingdom
Michal P. (1)16Top 50Poland
JustinCave (3)17Top 50United States
Maxim Borunov (2)18Top 50Russia
krzysioh (3)19Top 50Poland
_tiki_4_ (3)20Top 50Germany
Chad Lee (3)21Top 50United States
tonywinn (1)22Top 50Australia
ivan_blanarik (3)23Top 50Slovakia
Sachi (3)24Top 50India
Rimantas Adomauskas (1)25Top 50Lithuania
Aleksei Davletiarov (1)26Top 50Russia
VictorD (2)27Top 50Russia
Henry_A (2)28Top 50Czech Republic
Sandra99 (2)29Top 50Italy
syukhno (0)30Top 50Ukraine
Rakesh Dadhich (3)31Top 50India
Karel_Prech (1)32Top 50No Country Set
yonderboi (2)33Top 50Russia
mcelaya (0)34Top 50Spain
ratte2k4 (0)35Top 50Germany
swesley_perth (2)36Top 50Australia
Enrico Rebecchi (1)37Top 50Italy
Eric Levin (3)38Top 50United States
TZ (1)39Top 50Lithuania
JasonC (1)40Top 50United Kingdom
Hertha Rettinger (2)41Top 50Germany
berkeso (1)42Top 50Hungary
AnnaO (3)43Top 50Ireland
Mike Tessier (0)44Top 50Canada
JeroenR (1)45Top 50Netherlands
HSteijntjes (0)46Top 50Netherlands
Andrii Dorofeiev (2)47Top 50Ukraine
MarkM. (0)48Top 50Germany
PZOL (1)49Top 50Hungary
Talebian (1)50Top 50Netherlands