A handful of articles

A little while ago a member of the Danish Oracle User Group DOUG asked if anyone had a bit of experience with use of R together with Oracle Database. I remembered an article I wrote for OTech Magazine on forecasting with R and Oracle and thought it would be a good primer for him. OTech Magazine is no longer active, sadly, but I thought I could send him a link anyway to my article. That was not to be :-(

I won't link to the old OTech Magazine url - that domain has now been taken over by someone definitely not writing Oracle related material... So any links I may have sent out to OTech Magazine articles are not working anymore.

Instead I sent the DOUG member a PDF with my article. And later I thought, well, there might be others out there that could benefit from that article as well as the others I wrote. So this blog post is simply an archive of links to my OTech Mag articles as PDFs - not necessarily quite the same format as they were released in OTech Mag at publication time, but the same content.

So without further ado, here's my OTech Mag article archive list:

I hope maybe other OTech Mag article writers can put an archive of their articles somewhere, as there was a lot of great content in OTech Mag.

At least I hope my articles can useful to someone :-)