Sunday speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

You all know Oracle OpenWorld, right? It's a behemoth of a conference filling up the streets and hotels of San Francisco with many thousands of people moving like ants between conference rooms, checking out exhibitors, hanging around lounging areas, networking, talking, listening, eating, drinking, learning and having fun. And it happens every year...

Each year it seems to get tougher and tougher to become accepted as a speaker at OOW - Oracle needs to reserve many sessions for their own speakers in order to give out all the new information they want, and then there are so many others that submit abstracts that they could easily fill the entire conference with non-Oracle speakers if they wished ;-)

But on the other hand the Sunday is full of sessions with speakers representing the various Oracle User Groups out there in the community. Sunday is an awesome day to hear presentations of practical experiences, and then hear all the new stuff from Oracle the other days.

I am very happy to have been selected to do approximately 1.1 session on UserGroup Sunday at OOW:

  • Read, Store, and Create XML and JSON
    It is session UGF3572 in the session catalog representing ODTUG.
    Sunday, Sep 18, 9:15 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. | Moscone South - 302

    I have a whole session to explain about how to get data from outside the database (for example from http calls) as XML or JSON into the database, and use those data in your SQL statements so you can join them with your own data. Also how to create XML or JSON when you need to.
  • EOUC Database ACE Fast Talks
    It is sessions UGF2630 and UGF2632 in the session catalog representing EOUC.
    Sunday, Sep 18, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. | Moscone South - 102

    It is a double session with a whole lot of European ACEs and ACE Directors, that each will talk 5 minutes (not one second more) on a favorite database topic. When I have watched these Fast Talks before, I have always walked out with more than one new useful tip I didn't know before. This time will be the first time I'm one of the Fast Speakers - I hope I can do as well as the others ;-)
So I am looking forward to meet a lot of people interested in the Oracle Database, SQL and PL/SQL. Having both my sessions on the Sunday is lucky timing, as I can pick and choose and enjoy the rest of days and skip back and forth between OOW and Oak Table World, where great content also is to be found.

Last but not least I am very pleased that colleagues from Trivadis are also speaking: Ludovico Caldara and Christian Antognini are also in the session catalog. It is great to be working at a company that is very community minded and employ several ACEs and ACE Directors.

See you all in San Francisco.