Oracle Database Developer Choice Award Nominee = Me

Oracle is celebrating the Oracle Community by having us developers nominate and vote for
Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards to our fellow developers in five database development technologies:

The nomination period is over and it has been possible to vote since September 15th. Voting is open until October 15th and winners will be announced during Oracle OpenWorld 2015.

The nominees are all active in the Oracle Community helping others as they themselves have been helped when they started out in Oracle technology.

I am honored and humbled to be nominated in two categories:
- my absolute favorite technology: SQL
- as well as my second favorite: PL/SQL 

So if you think I am helpful to the Oracle Community, you can help me out by voting:

You can upvote me in the SQL category here.

You can upvote me in the PL/SQL category here.

But wait, why should you do that? Guess I'm not much of a politician, I haven't yet told you of how bad my competitors are and how brilliant I myself am ;-) Well, the first I won't ever do - my competitors are all deserving the honor too, many have helped me selflessly.

But how brilliant am I? Well, just middling, if I say so myself ;-) But I have an absolute passion for using SQL to the full utilizing the potential of the database to the max. I go against anyone who try to use the database as a simple black-box bit-bucket. So I will help anyone who wants to learn how to make their applications perform astoundingly fast by learning analytic functions, for example.

Similarly PL/SQL is awesome both to expand the database capabilities and to encapsulate business logic as APIs for UI code to call. That way of coding applications I have used with success since 2000 and I'm happy to teach others how this helps applications in the long term.

What have I done to help others share my knowledge?
  • I write weekly quizzes on the PL/SQL Challenge website.
    You can see the quizzes I have written here.
  • I do presentations at conferences.
    I have presented on analytic functions and external data at ODTUG Kscope and UKOUG.
    I will present at DOAG this year.
    I will be part of an expert PL/SQL panel at Oracle OpenWorld this year.
    You can see slides of my presentations here.
  • I write on this blog and from time to time answer questions on Oracle-L mailinglist and OTN forums.
But can you trust what I say? Well, I have a few testimonials ;-)
  • A user at the PL/SQL Challenge has been learning by taking quizzes from the library and has been kind enough to vote for me with this comment:
    "I voted for Kim because once I realized his login name kibeha was the same Kim Berg Hansen, then I knew to vote for him for coming up with some great quizzes on the PL/SQL Challenge website. The website has been great for me to expand my knowledge and to help prepare for my OCP Advanced PL/SQL Developer."
    I think it is awesome that my work can help prepare for an OCP certification :-)
  • An attendee at ODTUG Kscope 2012 met me in the corridors the day after my presentation on analytic functions and told me, that he used to find them difficult to understand but my examples helped a lot to make it clear to him how they worked.
    That made my day :-)
  • A reader of my blog read a post I wrote on RANGE versus ROWS BETWEEN in analytic functions and commented:
    Thanks! I've been reading the training kit for 70-461 but it didn't make this clear. You blog here lays it our perfectly.
    Again I am delighted I can help passing certification exams.
So I guess that's my sales pitch done for. Go and vote now! Go!
If you vote for me, I sincerely thank you for your help.
If you vote for others, that's also fine, just as long as you vote.

Remember it is OK to vote for more than one person in each category if you feel they deserve it :-)