How to make dream of Escope come true?

In my last post, I wrote about a dream of a European version of ODTUG Kscope conference - working title "Escope." ;-) We're trying to determine whether it would be feasible to create such a conference - if you haven't already, go and fill out the survey and help us find out if there's basis for the dream. And send the survey link to you colleagues and friends and network - the more of Europe we can cover, the more solid conclusions can be made from the survey.

But what else would it take to make this dream come true? Well, here are some thoughts and opinions and ramblings on the topic - all my own personal opinions, don't shoot anybody else but me for this ;-) And don't misunderstand me - I really really would love for Escope to happen, I'm just trying to figure out how it actually could become more realistically possible than just a dream :-)...

Let me start with a little bit of some of the history of Kscope as I've understood it (I may have misunderstood some things, then I'll happily be corrected ;-)

In the beginning was a conference primarily for core Oracle development. It was somewhat in need of respiratory aid to survive and Mike Riley (Odtug President and savior) got the great idea that Oracle development was more than just database (SQL, PL/SQL, HTML-DB, ...) - there was also products like Hyperion, Essbase and EPM that had Oracle developers. Why not include them in a conference for all types of developers using Oracle products? From there, Kscope has been unstoppable - it's a great success and an awesome conference with a unique experience as we're all developers together learning from each other.

One sideeffect of this decision is, that sponsors and exhibition hall are primarily companies from the Hyperion, Essbase and EPM world. I'm not an expert in that world, but it appears to me that this is a "big" world in the USA with lots of companies selling man-hours and services - in short: this is where the money is...

  • So where's the money in the European Oracle development world?
  • Is the Hyperion, Essbase and EPM world as "big" in Europe as in the USA? I don't know?
  • Can the "core" development provide sufficient sponsors and exhibitors alone?
  • Are there sufficient companies that operate in most of Europe?
  • Or would Escope be forced to find sponsors and exhibitors every year locally in each country?
  • What Oracle development companies are there that we could think of asking about exhibiting or sponsoring?

I'm asking here for help and opinions of all of you, as I haven't got much network outside of core development and most of my network is either US or Dutch based. So if you know anything useful or have opinions on what we could try, please feel free to comment.

I mean - I'm primarily a SQL developer with just a little bit of PL/SQL added. I can't see any large European-wide companies selling SQL and PL/SQL man-hours and development services?

(Actually I feel there ought to be such companies - it seems somehow that it is more "legit" to buy UI development from design companies and then let the DB development of the application be handled by code generators, when most apps would do infinitely much better by human DB development. But that's another story - hopefully the Database Development Advocates can make a difference here ;-)

The main reason for desiring an Escope conference is to get the awesome feel of Kscope without travelling so far. I've been told that the German OUG (DOAG) has some of the same feel at APEX Connect and the main DOAG conferences - that may be true, I have not (yet) been there, but certainly will (I have submitted papers for DOAG, but I am not an APEX developer ;-). There are other great conferences that also have good experiences, and I do not want to detract anything from them - they all do an awesome job, thank you to all.

But that doesn't alter that I still think there is room for a conference only for Oracle developers (not general conference with DBA and Apps and other topics), but for all types of Oracle developers (not just APEX.) I'm just so hooked on how ODTUG (and YCC) does Kscope, that my big dream is specifically for an ODTUG Escope conference. Could be in collaboration with European OUGs, sure, but it is Kscope that is the type of conference I am desiring in Europe :-)

  • What do you all think?
  • Am I crazy?
  • Will this add value to the European Oracle development community?
  • Or will it cause trouble for the already established community conferences?
  • Does a European Oracle development base of companies exist for sponsors?
  • Does a European Oracle developer community base exist sufficiently large for a reasonable attendance?

This is an invitation to a more informal discussion than your replies to the survey. Any thoughts on Escope is welcome - also if you think of other topics than what I've touched upon in the above.

For those who are attending Kscope15 in the coming days, I am hoping to be able to organize a little meet-up to discuss this face to face. It's mostly a matter of finding a timeslot - Kscope15 is a so packed schedule ;-) Maybe during lunch Wednesday? I don't know yet, but when I do, I'll let you all know :-)

Thanks in advance for your ideas - it means a lot to me...