Christmas - A time to give

It's Christmas time... It's a time for giving... It's a time for warm-hearted feelings...

But there are people battling for their lives against cancer, who may not have much energy left to enjoy the holidays. Almost everybody has family or friends whose life has been impacted by cancer. Let us all reach out however we can, help wherever we can, and let good thoughts go out to the victims.

All cancer is terrible - but when the victims are children, it breaks your heart. Young humans suddenly faced with the fact that their lives may be over before they had a chance to really enjoy it.

I have a friend, whose 11 year old daughter was told she has a tumor in the brain right next to the nerve center, where spinal nerves go out to the rest of the body. Impossible place for surgery, survival estimate about 3-5%. Devastating news! It's impossible to understand how that must feel to get such a diagnose.

I'd like to urge everyone to do whatever you can - whether it is just smiles and kind thoughts (that can help too), practical help, or donations to research into cancer cures. There are organizations out there that do wonders in science, as well as wonders in helping families with cancer-struck children.

In the US, you can help Children's Cancer Research Fund at:

If you are in Denmark, you can support Børnecancerfonden here:

Or wherever you are, find your local organization that does similar work:

Let's make a difference this Christmas. Any help helps. Thank you.