The KScope Charitable Dinner Raffle

Do you want a chance for a dinner with me at KScope13 in New Orleans chatting about SQL? And at the same time get a warm charitable feeling inside helping the volunteers rebuilding New Orleans?

If yes, then read on :-) ...

In January ODTUG started a little competition where you could win a dinner for two at KScope13 in New Orleans by telling about your favorite experience from KScope. I entered a little story from KScope12 where I presented on analytic functions.

Surprise, surprise - I won \o/ ... But as I haven't spotted any other entries in the competition, I have the funny feeling that it isn't really an earned prize. I like to cook, though, so I won't let a chance to sample cajun cooking go by ;-)

The dinner is for two - and I am just one person. So I got an idea that I could achieve several things simultaneously:

  1. I could help raise money for HandsOn New Orleans who organize volunteer work.
  2. I could find a dinner companion that wouldn't mind SQL small talk ;-)
  3. I could get a great feeling that now my prize would be really earned.
Therefore I will attempt to raffle the other half of the dinner away - hoping that there are people out there who might wish to help HandsOn New Orleans and get a chance of a dinner with me, perhaps talking analytics, perhaps talking anything else ;-)

Here's the deal:

  1. Donate to HandsOn New Orleans via ODTUG. (The amount is up to you - any donation will help.)
  2. Comment on this post stating that you have donated - that will be your ticket to the raffle.
  3. At the KScope Community Service Day during lunch we will draw the winner.
  4. Dinner will be someday during KScope. (Perhaps saturday evening after the community service day?)
So if you want a dinner where it is OK to be geeky and discuss hash joins, go ahead and enter the raffle :-D

Hopefully this can raise a few bob that will help New Orleans as that great city gets back on its feet.


  1. Kim (Or is it Kim Berg??)
    I think this is a wonderful initiative, and the moment I saw your tweet I decided to make a donation.
    Today I finally got around to actually doing so, and was surprised to see "No comments" yet.

    Are there no people willing to support charity, or is it just you? ;-)
    I just made my donation, and hope this will encourage others to do the same.
    First of all because they are worth the donations, second because if I'm the only one here only I can win, and I'm afraid to find out why nobody else wants to ;-)
    I will try to convince others to make a donation, enter the raffle and participate in the community service day too.

    By the way:
    "Member of Danish Beer Enthusiasts"
    Is that "Member of Danish Beer-Enthusiasts"
    Or "Member of Danish-Beer Enthusiasts"
    Or both?

    Erik van Roon

    1. Hi, Erik

      Thanks for your donation - I do believe New Orleans is a very worthy cause to help.

      I don't know if people are scared away ("Oh, no, we won't risk having to talk over dinner with that crazy Dane who goes on about analytics all the time...") - it could be :-)

      But I hope that the main reason might be that I'm a bit early for many who needs first to get their travel budget approved. I was also surprised that I was the only participant in the original ODTUG dinner competition. So I'll attempt to spread the word again when we get a little closer to KScope time ;-)

      And even if they don't care for dinner, I can only encourage people to join the community service day. I have attended the last three years and it is both fun getting to know fellow developers in a different way as well as getting a warm rewarding feeling you've done good.

      As for the beer, the Danish Beer Enthusiasts ( ) is an organisation promoting knowledge of Good Beer - letting people know there are alternatives to mass-produced Carlsberg and Budweiser. And we taste both danish beer as well as imported - so the answer is both :-)

      I don't know yet where the dinner will be (maybe it is a gift certificate?), but if I can find a place with good beer as well as good food - that will be great.

      See you in New Orleans

      (whose middle name is Berg)


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