I'm evaluated...

UKOUG 2012 evaluations have arrived - I think I did OK :-).

On a scale from 1 to 6 my scores were:

  • Topic: 5.5
  • Content: 5.5
  • Presentation skills: 4.83
  • Quality of slides: 5
  • Value of presentation: 5.67
I'm quite happy with those scores - particularly that the 6 people that filled out evaluation schemas thought they got a lot of value from the presentation. The skills score is fair, I had expected a bit less as I know I am not world class presenter - but I hope practice makes better :-)

The comments also makes me feel I have done a reasonably good job:
  • Excellent real life scenarios for analytics
  • I didnt follow all of this all of the time but its good to get a feel of what could be done. I will be downloading the slides and going through in more detail. Reminded me of a slogan from sql swerver- world.
  • Brilliant examples we could all understand and great that the solutions were partially built up.
Thank you all 6 of you - it is very helpful to get feedback when presenting. I urge everyone attending conferences (whether it be UKOUG, KScope, OpenWorld or any other) to fill out evaluation forms - it does make a difference...