A fabulous KScope12 is over

KScope12 is over. What a fabulous conference that was!

This was the first time I did a presentation. I am not quite satisfied with my performance - I spent too much time on the basic examples in the beginning of my presentation, so I only had time to do 4 out of my planned 6 demos. I know I can do better than that, so I just need to try it again some time :-)

On the plus side everyone can read my paper where I go through all the 6 demos in detail. That paper made it to the top 5 in the Editors Choice Award (thank you, editors :-) so if you didn't get it all at my presentation, you can get it all in the paper.

And thank you to the fellow who the day after told me: "After your presentation I have seen the light. Now I understand that analytic functions are really not as difficult as I thought they were." That cheered me up very much! And that is in my opinion the whole point about KScope - sharing experiences so other people can learn from you as you learn from other people. Ain't no better place on earth to do that than KScope :-)

Apart from my presentation I had a blast. Content wise I always learn a lot at KScope. And KScope also understands that you learn a lot better if you also have fun - that rodeo was a brilliant idea for the wednesday night event. The people gathering at KScope also make it awesome - both organizers and attendees - so a big thank you to everybody who was there.

I can only recommend that if you can, then come to KScope13 in New Orleans. You will learn a lot, you will have fun, and if you engage yourself and do stuff like presenting or being ambassador or whatever, you can end up with a name tag almost long enough to trip over :-)