KScope12... Ready... Set.. Go... \o/

ODTUG Kscope12 is just around the corner, yay!

  • Plane ticket - check.
  • ESTA - check.
  • Passport - check.
  • Hotel - check.
  • Schedule - check.
  • Ambassador signup - check.
  • Community Service Day signup - check.
  • Presentation prepared - check.
  • Paper written - check.
  • Demoscripts prepared - check.

Oh my... I think I am ready :-)

I will be seeing you all in Texas, right? If not, then you must start planning to go to Kscope13 ;-)

If you are interested in analytic functions you might consider attending Session 10 Tuesday June 26th 3:45PM to 4:45PM in Grand Oaks B. I'll be there - for the first time on the hot side of the podium...



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    1. Oh oh... Now I will have to manage doing the presentation without last years speaker of the year to back me up! Dang ;-)

      Thanks, Alex - I certainly am going to enjoy it. Hope to see you some other time :D


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