Monday, May 9, 2016

Oracle Documentation permalink creation

Tim Hall of ORACLE-BASE spoke for a lot of people when he (yet again) wrote about Oracle Documentation links changing all the time. There exists a method for a more permanent link to Oracle Documentation, but it can be a hazzle to create such a permalink involving manually searching HTML code of the doc source (see my comment to Tim's blog post.)

Then I thought that this manual creation of permalink probably could be automated and started to research a bit. The answer is yes, you can get help with a bookmarklet.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

OUGN Spring Conference 2016

I'm back after one of the best ocean voyages ever - the OUGN Spring Conference 2016. That conference is arranged by Oracle User Group Norway and is two days from Thursday before lunch-time to Saturday before lunch-time. The special thing is, that it all happens on board a cruise ship that uses 20 hours to sail from Oslo, Norway to Kiel, Germany - stays in Kiel 4 hours - then 20 hours to sail back. During those sailing hours back and forth is one of the best Oracle User Group conferences with 300+ attendees, top notch speakers from around the globe, 100+ sessions, food and drink and networking.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The upcoming year

Right smack in the middle of the busiest time of the year for the business (this time of year we sell fireworks for New Year) I have opportunity to reflect a bit on the upcoming year and what 2016 will bring of challenges and joys.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Vessel Fuel Consumption - or Restarting Running Sum

I got a question recently from Morten Braten whether my FIFO analytic techniques could be helpful for calculating the value of fuel consumption for cargo vessels. It turned out not to be quite the same, but similar. Analytic functions definitely could help.

I'll show how in two parts. First this blog post will calculate the fuel consumption in quantity, then part two will calculate the value by FIFO.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bloggers Meetup at #OOW15

The last time I went to Oracle OpenWorld, I hadn't started blogging yet. Now I think it fair to call myself "blogger", even though I don't blog very regularly.

So I will try to attend the Bloggers Meetup:

I have heard a lot of good about it, so I am looking forward to see for myself ;-) Viewing who has RSVP'ed at either link, I know I spot some good people.

(Funny thing though, OTN says the address is 175 4th St, Pythian says it is 101 4th St? I guess I'll be able to find it anyway ;-)

See you all in San Francisco...

Oracle OpenWorld 2015

In 2 days time I fly off to San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld 2015. Last time I went to OpenWorld was 2008, so I'm looking forward to a re-visit and see how much bigger it has become :-)

Like everybody else I've been making a schedule for the week. Of course things will happen to change the schedule along the way, but some things I definitely have on the must-do list...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Thank You for the Votes

The Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards voting is now closed.

I thank all of you who voted for me. It was an honor and privilege just to be nominated, and then even getting votes from somebody, well that feels good :-)

My final ranking is middling, but the competitors were all worthy and good people, so I have no complaints :-)

--------- ----------------- ---------- --------------
apex      Morten Braten              1            186
apex      Kiran Pawar                2            180
apex      Juergen Schuster           3            168
apex      Jari Laine                 4            137
apex      Karen Cannell              5             91
apex      Paul MacMillan             6             79
apex      Trent Schafer              7             71

db-design Heli Helskyaho             1            239
db-design Rob Lockard                2            206
db-design Michelle Kolbe             3            181
db-design Mark Hoxey                 4             96

ords      Dietmar Aust               1            162
ords      Dimitri Gielis             2            100
ords      Morten Braten              3             68
ords      Kiran Pawar                4             50
ords      Anton Nielsen              5             33
ords      Tim St. Hilaire            6             21

plsql     Roger Troller              1            219
plsql     Adrian Billington          2            209
plsql     Patrick Barel              3            126
plsql     Sean Stuber                4            123
plsql     Morten Braten              5            113
plsql     Kim Berg Hansen            6             71
plsql     Bill Coulam                7             66

sql       Emrah Mete                 1            447
sql       Sayan Malakshinov          2            232
sql       Sean Stuber                3            132
sql       Kim Berg Hansen            4            110
sql       Matthias Rogel             5             80
sql       Erik Van Roon              6             74
sql       Justin Cave                7             65
sql       Stew Ashton                8             54

Congratulations to all nominees and big hurrahs for the top in each category.

If you're going to Oracle OpenWorld, come to the YesSQL celebration where the winners will get their awards. I'll be there and we can have a chat ;-)

See you in San Francisco...